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About Us

&Nbsp;   Ningbo love wedding planning services Ltd is a collection of wedding planning, design, site layout, floral design, wedding car rental, master of ceremonies, makeup, photography, video and post-production for the professional wedding company. According to art wedding do price highest of wedding, this company established Yu 2009, 2 years to we for hundreds of on new build out all kinds of different of fashion wedding and theme wedding; this during we in constantly of progress with, Ningbo wedding, and Ningbo wedding company, and Ningbo wedding planning, and Ningbo wedding planning company, and Ningbo wedding company quotes, and Ningbo wedding etiquette, and Ningbo wedding supplies, and Ningbo wedding planning, and Ningbo best of wedding company, to each on give we trust of new people, Our responsibilities for this special industry. Whenever we heard new and family of recognized Shi, and whenever we see new face Shang brilliant of smile, and whenever we visit wedding site experience to they of sweet Shi, we is happiness of ~ we strive to do price highest of wedding, we will March of forward, will more efforts of will more wonderful and rich creative of wedding rendering to everyone, we will has been adhering to with "put each a field wedding are as himself of wedding to do" of concept for more of new provides more quality of service.
&Nbsp;   We are committed to: free wedding planning, free survey sites, free wedding advice, it all ended after the signing the contract, pay the deposit. Tailor your own, personalized wedding. Each of our employees will do their best to create a more professional planning and implementation team, door-to-door service, eliminating the new door back and forth.